Wednesday, April 4, 2012


some detail about the remedies to help people fight the addiction of cigarrettes. 
  Tabacum is basically homeopathic tabacco.  It helps with the cravings of tobacco since it is diluted with this same substance. 
Caladium is a homeopathic ingredient that favorably influences and modifies the craving for tobacco. It also influences and counters the symptoms of respiratory disturbances associated with smoking.
Nux vomica helps smokers from becoming too irritable when trying to quit smoking.  This remedy also helps with throat issues associated with smoking.
Avena Sativa helps maintain vitality, endurance and stamina.  Smokers lack these traits due to the tabacco affecting their lungs and health.  This remedy helps to restore these to a certain extent.
Daphne helps with insomnia associated with trying to quit smoking.  It also helps with the tabacco cravings.
Plantago helps lessen the tabacco addiction.  This remedy makes your body feel disgusted with smoking the cigarette.
Staphysagria basically helps with smoker's emotional problems.  Smokers may experience depression, violent outbursts, irritability, and suppressed emotions.  These type of emotions are common for people with addiction.  This homeopathic remedy helps lessen these emotions.

  People may need a combination of these remedies to help stop smoking.  See a homeopathic doctor to see which remedies you may need.  If you can not see or find a homeopathic doctor, take the single remedies that most closely resemble your symtoms.  Start with a 6X potency for any of these remedies. 

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